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Yamaguchi City

Message from the Mayor

Mayor,Sumitada Watanabe picture
Mayor, Sumitada Watanabe

Greetings. My name is Sumitada Watanabe, the Mayor of Yamaguchi City. Thank you for accessing our City's website.

Yamaguchi City, located near the center of Yamaguchi Prefecture, has prospered as the capital of the prefecture. As the prefectural capital, we have advantages such as concentrated urban areas, wide range transportation networks running in all directions, a lively economy, and opportunities for the exchange of ideas. In addition, we are blessed with rich and varied tourism resources such as the natural environment from the Chugoku Mountains region to the Seto Inland Sea coastline, Yuda-Onsen, which is the best hot spring on the Sanyo path, and the steam locomotive, SL Yamaguchi, which runs on its own romantic history. Yamaguchi city was called “the Kyoto of the West” in the middle ages. Many historical and cultural resources related to Lord Ouchi, who was the feudal lord of the area, still remain, today. Thanks to Lord Ouchi, Yamaguchi City was known as the most glorious city in western Japan in the middle ages. Rooted in the atmosphere and charm of the past, we are working to establish a new city.

According to the 2010 national census, the population density of Yamaguchi City decreased for the first time. Yamaguchi’s socio-economic condition is quickly transforming due to factors like globalization, our nation’s aging society problem, and changes in local governance. Moreover, the city faces a need to address several new issues such as the destruction caused by natural disasters, with solutions like the development of preventative measures against future storm damage.

In these difficult times, we will continue to run our local government on a strong foundation of sound administration and economic growth. We are making great efforts to improve preventative measures against damage caused by natural disasters, policies regarding child rearing, healthcare, welfare, and the safety and well-being of Yamaguchi residents. We are also working to strengthen our local society. Already, we see progress in the deepening of fellow citizens’ relationships, as well as those with their local government. Encouraging the sharing of trust between Yamaguchi residents is a high priority, as we want to establish a new standard of cooperation based in the spirit of helping one-another. To this end, we are promoting the creation of new public spaces and the use of the slogan, “In the true spirit of Yamaguchi, let’s unite and work together!”

Yamaguchi City’s economic situation is improving, as is Japan’s as a whole. The national government is working to stop deflation and recover the economy. Aligning our city’s efforts with the nation’s, we intend to build a better city through strong leadership, to develop a system which makes use of natural, local resources, and to streamline city services. We need to accelerate the establishment of Yamaguchi City as an economic and cultural powerhouse. 2018 is the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration; as the central city of Yamaguchi Prefecture, we must function well and increase tourism and business opportunities, celebrate culture and the arts, develop the city, and provide excellent public education in order to ensure the long-term success of the area. To accomplish all that will make Yamaguchi City and its neighboring towns even greater, we need to form solid connections between different government departments and work together.

With efforts like these, we strive to construct a fascinating, thriving city, such that residents feel they want to live out their lives, here. I truly appreciate everyone’s contributions toward realizing this goal, and ask that we continue to work together in the years to come.

WATANABE sumitada
Mayor of Yamaguchi City


International Affairs Office, Yamaguchi City
2-1 kameyama-cho Yamaguchi-shi, 753-8650 Japan

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